On August 7, Capital Area District Libraries WILL ask Ingham County voters to renew its millage for 4 more years


Jeff Antaya, Lansing

Veronica Beecroft, Okemos

Deb Bennett, Haslett
The library is the heart of Haslett. All are welcome, come as you are.

Jeffrey Berman, Lansing

Margaret Bossenbery, Lansing

Storm Boyer, Okemos
The library is the heart of the community. I'm happy to be part of the center for knowledge, wisdom, growth, play, and adventures.

Mary Brown, Mason
I love the Aurelius branch of CADL! Those librarians are exceptional.

Mike Chaffee, Lansing
The library offers online training that helps those with their job or business. One can learn at one's own pace computer skills, business skills, or personal self-development such as people skills. And it's FREE!
Also, the library is a hub for dozens and dozens of other libraries in the state. Anyone can walk into a local CADL branch and pickup books, CD's, DVD's, etc. from these other Michigan libraries. No need to drive across the state or mail requests. Again, for free.
Even when considering the low cost of this renewal millage, the library is an incredible bargain.

Danielle Conti, Mason

Bernice Davenport, Lansing

Amy Drahota, Williamston

Scott Duimstra, Holt
I support CADL because my children have grown up in their branches.

Dallas King, Holt
I especially love the fact that I can go to any branch and receive friendly, efficient service form each and every staff member. CADL has become a huge part of my life. Thank you for always being there!

Julie Laxton, East Lansing

Karin Pavlik, Okemos

David Piner, Haslett

Andrea Rodriguez, Lansing

Dick Russell, Holt
Phenomenal resources for all ages! One of the few situations where we can see our tax dollars at work and reap the direct benefits.

Subrat Sahani, Okemos

Hanna Sherman, Lansing

Tammy Shorna, Holt

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