Here are the most common questions people have about the CADL mileage renewal

Is this an increase?

No. The millage rate remains the same as it has since 2006--1.56 mills. 

What does it pay for?

This millage pays for operating 13 library branches, a mobile library and robust online services. Local municipalities provide the facilities and CADL provides staff, materials, and technology. This millage pays 90% of CADL's funding. It pays for books and magazines in print and digital formats, movies, music, audiobooks, premium online resources, public computers, WiFi, educational and entertainment programs, outreach to children and seniors, resources for small business and job seekers, and more.

Who pays?

The residents of 23 municipalities in Ingham County (all Ingham County cities, villages, and townships except East Lansing).

How much will I pay?

A millage is a property tax. One mill equals $1 for every $1,000 of taxable property value. The taxable property value is typically roughly half of the sale price value of your home. For example, the median home value in Ingham County is $107,334. The taxable value of such a home would be approximately $53,667. That property owner would pay about $84 a year to support CADL services.

That's less than Amazon Prime or a year of Netflix. But the value is far greater!

Check out CADL's calculator to see how quickly you can recoup your investment by using your library.

I'm a renter. Do I pay?

Renters do not pay millage directly, but their landlords do.

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