On August 5, Capital Area District Libraries asked Ingham County voters to renew its millage for 4 more years


And they said YES!



Jennifer Amormino, Williamston

Jeff Antaya, Lansing

Angela Atkins, Lansing

Melanie Baker, Lansing

Jamie Balanowski, Lansing Public libraries provide programs, information and resources for the community.  As a teacher I use it for resources including music, professional and picture books for my classroom. Many of my students use the library as well. Support for the libraries is also a show of support for the community.

Kathy Ball, Lansing I support CADL because of the wonderful services they provide for the citizens of Lansing and surrounding areas. They have many innovative and fun programs for all ages and provide a welcoming atmosphere for their patrons.

Deborah Barnum, Leslie

Sheryl Bass, Rochester, NH (formerly Mason)

Linda Birdseye, Williamston

Veronica Beecroft, Okemos

Zoey Blake, Lansing

Debora Bloomquist, Holt

Margaret Bossenbery, Lansing

George Bozack, Lansing

Jeannie Bosworth, Webberville

Esther Bradshaw, Lansing

Lanny and Molly Brunette, East Lansing

Michele Brussow, East Lansing Albert Einstein sums it up best, "the only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library."

Erin Brzozowski, Portland

Evelyn Burgess, Mason CADL libraries are important disseminators of information & leisure entertainment. The resources there help make each of us a more well-rounded and informed individual. CADL also helps maintain a neighborhood community bond.

Taylor Burnham, Lansing

Sandra Centeno, Lansing

Ann Chapman, East Lansing

Harriett Chesley, Mason

Julie Chrisinske, Byron

Carol Christenson, Haslett

Melissa Cole, DeWitt

Eileen Conti, Stockbridge Next to our schools the library is the most important institution in our community.

Paul Crandall, Munith Libraries like CADL are incredibly important and will remain so because of the many ways they build and sustain communities and offer individuals the opportunity to flourish and succeed.

Michael Day, East Lansing

Jennifer DeGroat, Lansing Libraries are vital to every community.  They are gathering places, internet access providers, and free book/movie/music and more stores. They provide not only the keys for lifelong learning, but also foster individual pursuits like travel, hobbies, and leisure reading.

Thom Dotson, Lansing

Sandy and Bill Drake, Haslett

Eileen Droscha, Aurelius Township Libraries are essential to a strong community.

Victoria Fisher, Lansing

Scott Duimstra, Holt

Alice Florida, Lansing

Marcella Fuhr, DeWitt In this digital age, I'm glad that my son and I can find an escape at our local libraries.  There is nothing that compares to opening an actual book, and dog-earing a page (not that we would EVER do that with library property) :)  I lived down the road from my library as a kid, and I continue a tradition of supporting our library often with my teenage son.  We have volunteered at book sales, programs, and the Haslett Library with the kindest and most knowledgeable staff around. I cannot get enough of my son volunteering as Frosty the Snowman, or the Library Mouse!

Marisela Garza, Mason

Jeff Glascock, Lansing

Rosann Goldblatt, Holt Libraries truly are the great equalizer, essential to a democratic society.

Leisa Gustin, Lansing

Charles Hagler, Holt

Jolee Hamlin, Lansing

Jeff Hamlin, Lansing

Jacqueline Hayes, Haslett I loved the library as a child.  I was excited to introduce my own children to the joys of the library.  And now it's a thrill to watch my grandchildren love it as much as I did all those years ago.   I  just can't imagine a world without our wonderful library!

Stephanie Hirchert-Walton, Lansing We love the library!  Close enough to ride our bikes if needed, or a short drive for all kinds of things for the kids to do. Summer programming is positive and connects you to other great family-friendly events and activities to do.  Wonderful to be part of a book club and not have to pay for books; with the multiple libraries there is bound to be a book on MEL.  Grateful for this resource for everyone.

Maureen Hirten, Okemos

Betsy Hull, Corunna

Janet Iansiti, Mason We need our libraries! They are like an oasis of learning and fun in the middle of this hectic, busy world.

Kathy Johnson, Lansing

Vern Johnson, Lansing

Ifield Joseph, Lansing

Betty Juntunen, Webberville

Linda Keifer, Lansing

Barbara Keeler, Springport

Andrea Kirby, Okemos

Zachary Knowlton, Lansing

Jeanett and Bob LaMere, Eaton Rapids

Olivia Letts, Lansing

Stacy Lewis, Holt The library is a great family resource.  My daughter loves the books, DVDs and free programs available through CADL.

Cheryl Lyons, Okemos Strong libraries continue to be critical to the health of a democratic society. They are also places filled with warmth, community spirit, and the joy of lifelong learning.

Amanda Lundy, Lansing

Sharon Magyar, Leslie

Chris Maluchnik, Okemos

Deb Martens, Mason

Peg Mawby, Holt

Sherri McConnell, Okemos CADL branches are community, education and entertainment centers. They provide opportunities for discovering new stories and hobbies, learning new skills and finding quiet spaces to relax. They also have staff who are trained to support library patrons in however they want to use the library.

Patience Miller, Eaton Rapids I consider the money used to support the Library the very best use of that money.  Where else can you get such value?  Libraries make learning accessible and inspire a love of knowledge and self improvement.

Jayann Mitchell, Williamston Williamston is a community that offers charm, convenience and culture.  Our Library, with its energy and vitality is an essential component of our lives.   BE A FRIEND OF OUR WILLIAMSTON LIBRARY.

Fred Moon, Webberville

Jill Moon, Webberville

Susan O'Brien, Williamston "A library is not a luxury but one of the necessities of life." -Henry Ward Beecher

Karen O'Connor, Williamston Growing up, my siblings and I used to ride into town every Saturday and take home as many books as we could carry on our bikes! We looked forward to reading and discovering what our library had on the shelves. It takes a community to support and raise awareness to the excellent role the library plays in our lives.

Lucy Ormond, Okemos

Charles and Ginger Petty, Haslett Where else can someone find a book that transports them, a recipe that hits the spot, a program for kids, a program for me, a meeting place for crafters, book groups, carvers, etc, a bank of computers and someone to help, a quiet place to read or peruse or ponder all in our community?  It is only the library!

Evelyn Pfotenhauer, Lansing

Ramona Pope, Lansing

Louis Reinwasser, Okemos

Merry Rosenberg, Lansing

Norma Rosher, East Lansing

Pamela Russell, Lansing

Bill and Marilyn Rye, Haslett

Stephanie Schafer, Lansing

Bud Schulz, Lansing

Trenton Smiley, Grand Blanc

Diane Speerbrecker, Lansing

Edward Spink, Lansing

Alma Staton, Lansing

Quenda Story, Okemos

Deborah Stow, Okemos

Mang Sung, Lansing

Mike Swink, Charlotte

Diana Tanner, Rochester, NH (formerly Mason)

Helen Tardy, Holt

Paris Theders, East Lansing, The Haslett Library has been such an important and fun part of my children's lives.  Story time,  visits with Santa (and his reindeer!) and summer reading have all cemented the Haslett branch as a place that they equate with excitement.  The staff is amazing and the programs have been a wonderful way to encourage my beginner-readers to become avid readers for life.  We love CADL!

Allana Tran, Lansing

Sally Trout, Mason

Liz Vagani, San Diego, CA (formerly Lansing, MI)  Libraries build strong, vibrant communities. CADL provides support to the people of Ingham county with countless services and expert staff.

Jeff Venn, Lansing

Greg Wade, Lansing

Jane Walling, Holt

Katie Wandell, Mason

Nancy Ann Webb, Williamston

Todd West, Lansing

Brandon Weathersby, Lansing

Bill Wheeler, Webberville

Veronica Widyastuti, Okemos

Candice Wilmore, Lansing "I don't know what your childhood was like, but we didn't have much money. We'd go to a movie on a Saturday night, then on Wednesday night my parents would walk us over to the library. It was such a big deal, to go in and get my own book." -Robert Redford

The times may have changed since Redford was a child, but nothing will ever replace a library.

Patricia York, Lansing

Kathy Zayko, Okemos

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